Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My first glance of Limo with his sister Eugenie

I am not a sports fanatic or anything like that but touchdown seemed the word for what has happened. Limo has landed is another phrase that seems to fly, pun intended. The reality is that after a long wait I now have my hands full. I am not going to bore you with baby pictures, but I will share just a few images of this journey.

I spent four Days in Cleveland at my friend's, Vori, 40th High School Reunion, and although I enjoyed watching him like a kid in a candy store playing with his old pals, I would have rather been enjoying my new pup. The truth is, that it worked out for both of us Vori sharing his Cleveland and his old high school friends with me (next blog) and I needed him to drive while I bonded with Limo on the trip home. I did not want to crate him and take him away from his family and have to face the consequences later on. Maybe a bit over the top on my part.

We arrived at the farm where he was born and met Sally and the rest of the gang. There were several other Dalmatians who seemed to be having the time of their life. Surveying it all was a Great Pyrenees Greta, who was like the Nana the dog nanny character in Peter Pan who took care of the kids. The farm was located in a beautiful setting in southern Ohio. Limo shared his life with Guernsey cows, Nubian goats and the rest of the dog pack. There is something wonderful seeing dogs of a same breed in a pack. They really enjoy each other!

A little rough and tumble with Eugenie

The fun continues with his Mother Penny watching on

Limo with Taxi's favorite toy: Kong

We took care of business and the paperwork of transfer of title. Yes, he has a title. He is registered with the United Kennel Club. He is a very special dog as I mentioned before regarding his low or normal uric gene. AKC does not recognized normal-uric Dalmatians. His father is Insignia American Hero Robinwood and his mother Champion Robinwood Penny Ante. His father was just in the Western Reserve Dalmatian show and may have attained champion status as his mother, but I don't care he is my Limo!

The trip home was easier than I expected. My friend Vori drove and I scrunched myself in the hatchback part of the Prius and we played slept for a while. I don't think that he had ever had a long car trip before and like all of us at one point, he did not fare too well. He managed to get car sick twice but aside from that he was an angel. He never whined or barked he is very well adjusted no doubt thanks to his upbringing.

Not wanting to be alone in the back

The hatchback got a little warm so I lowered one of the seat-backs and he placed himself there for the entire rest of the trip. I was glad, too, I felt like a pretzel while in the hatchback compartment with him.

Exploring the garden this morning

The possums have been drinking in the fountain and flattening the irises and he could smell it this morning as he lay claim to his domain.

Of course, he is so small compared to everything that it will take him time to get it all in place, but he is growing fast. The photo I posted last week is but two weeks old and shows a puppy half the size he is now. He seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. His paws are already the paws of a much more mature animal. They are 4 times the size of anything else in him. It is like he is wearing gloves or inflating from the bottom.

It has been two and a half years since Taxi passed. It took me a long time to decide that I could live with another Dalmatian. I missed Taxi so much that I think it took a toll on me. It took me a long to determine the need of getting another dog and eventually returning to the breed I loved. I spent almost a year looking for this pup. It was worth every minute of it. Limo is a splendid pooch and I am sure that Taxi would have loved him.


  1. Awww, he is adorable. Love him already.

  2. Oh, Rene, I am getting all weepy reading this post and seeing the photos of your absolutely darling, completely adorable pup.
    Congrats all around and hugs too!

  3. Thanks to all the comments I have gotten on Facebook from Vori's Rocky River High School Reunion class. Next week I am writing about the Reunion and Cleveland! Thanks again for a great time. I really did enjoy myself!

  4. Limo is a beautiful pup and I am sure you will be great companions for each other!

  5. Congrats Rene. Can't wait to meet Limo. He's adorable.


  6. He is a sweetheart! Makes me miss my dog... And you are so caring to make sure he had a good ride home. You two will be good for each other. Looking forward to more pictures!