Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beloved Too Cool Limousine

Samson and Delilah (Sam and Lily) at the Dock

My recent trip to Vermont had dogs everywhere I went. Either at the house, swimming or all around me, reinforcing the subliminal message for what I already wanted: a new pup! As you well know it has been a year that I have looked for what I hope would be a perfect pup. I guess this must be qualified too, as you don't know what you have until you have it and all other things are cosmetic. So I should say that I wanted my ideal looking animal and that I am afraid to say was something that I had no idea until I saw it. Personality is a trait that will hopefully follow and I am sure hoping that it does.

At Middlebury College even the sculpture garden had a message for me with this wonderful bronze entitled Frisbee Dog by Patric Villiers Farrow.

Less classy but quite unique is the Dog Wash at the local Agway in Middlebury. Dirty dogs are no fun and when mud season comes around in Vermont and you wish you had this set up. It is like an operating room with a table and a gizmo to wash terrorize your dog for five bucks. You puts in your money and it works like a car wash the only difference is you do it on a table and you even get an apron as well as all the other necessities such as shampoo and a hair dryer. What could be simpler and the pooch gets an outing to boot!

While you are checking out at the Agway with your other farm implements or hunting gear you can even get yourself a figurine of a dinosaur or even a Dalmatian from the noble German house of Schleich that has been making every figure imaginable since 1935.

If however, you still did not get the message, you can pick up your dog beware sign. They actually had killer chihuahuas for those fortunate enough to own them. I must say that I passed all these tests without the least bit of temptation other than to photograph the culprits.

Then you come back to camp and you see this 60 pound dog thinking he is a puppy on my host Gordon because he is afraid of lightning and you know that you need to put one of these precious creatures into your life. I don't know why it took me as long as it did but the waiting is over!

Introducing my Beloved Too Cool Limousine or Limo for short. He was born on May 12. He comes from the Beloved Farm ( ) and was named Too Cool by the breeder, Sally McDonnel. Long ago when I got Taxi I always wanted another so she would be accompanied. I think Limo would have been her perfect companion. I got a boy this time and his markings are nothing like hers. He has been described as a love and a heathen by Sally.

I looked at potential adoption candidates and they were too this or not enough of that and I guess I just wanted to sculpt my own pup. You also know of how much fun I had with some of the characters from multiple adoption groups. Some wanted a pound of flesh and references to boot. In truth I got Limo through the help of my dear friend Louise who informed me of the existence of Low-uric Dals and then thanks to many other people concerned with finding a right person for their precious pups.

Limo is of a new strain of Dalmatians termed Low or Normal Uric, meaning they don't produce an intensive concentration of Uric acid which has been typical of Dalmatians and consequently problematic with kidney stones, particularly for the males if not kept on very strict diets. This pup is normal and will never have a potential for painful stones. But enough of that if you want more information go to: If you are in the market for a Dalmatian, Nubian Goats or Jersey Cows you might look Sally up. I pick him up next weekend so if I don't write a blog next week you will know that I am otherwise occupied!

PS The garden is managing to survive in spite of roasting temperatures and little rain. Got to water before I go pick Limo up.


  1. Limo looks like a perfect little pup! Hide your slippers! :)

  2. I am SO excited for you!
    I suspect, however, that Limo's darling face belies a devilish nature. That's why they make puppies so adorable - you love them no matter how many slippers they chew. And then when they get older (and you don't have any more slippers left), you can say, oh, that was worth it; look at what a great dog he is.
    This will be a grand adventure. I have full confidence that you will not regret this at all!

  3. I hope he does eat my slippers, it will give a chance to replace the tatterred old things!

  4. So give your adoring readers an update already! How's the pup? Are you sleeping? How are your tattered slippers?