Friday, November 4, 2011

35th Annual All Hallows Ball in Tampa

As you know from past years, I like a good Halloween Party. This year I missed going to Henry's extravaganza in Philadelphia, but never fear Tampa Bay has a great party for all who want to let go. Typically, going out in Philadelphia meant costumes and coat so, often I abandoned the idea of costume and enjoyed myself with a simple mask. Here in the Tampa Bay area the weather this time of year is sublime and allows for a lot of bare skin and no lack on inhibition for great costumes.

I lucked out and got an invitation to the All Hallows Ball. This by invitation only party was quite a wonderful surprise. This affair seems to have been going on for quite many a year. I will tell you that there is no lack of creativity here. The theme for the party was Up in the Air - and everything was there. Costumes were mostly home made and ever so clever now that you can electrify or batterify just about any costumes. Unfortunately, flash photography has a tendency to wash out all the great effects of a darkened room. So as you can imagine there were angels to boot, fly-boys and girls, and given the TV influence on the public there were numerous take off on Pan Am and its shapely stewardesses. Some of the ones at this party were hilarious. So without further ado, enjoy some of the costumes, body and camp! Happy Belated Halloween!

Avenging Angels

Miss Piggy and Cosmonaut?

Great fun with balloons

Demure Angel

Greek God

Smurf and Pirate


At the bar were all manner of get ups

Some of the Stewardesses

More Bodacious TWA Staff

A few Aliens from Uranus

Flight Squad

A guy in a Flying Saucer

Jetsons doing Liposuction

Queen Bee
Killler Bees

Flying Nuns

Great Harlequin



Yours truly as a lightning storm!

I was talking to a friend last night about an incident that occurred at the party where I was walking with this bobbing headdress and at one point I came to a tight corner and came into close contact to a man who was wearing a costume modeled on the Wizard of Oz balloon.  He walked around in the basket tethered to this rather large rubber balloon measuring some twelve or so feet across above his head.  Well, as fate would have it he entered the tight corner just as I did and some of my projectile lightning struck his balloon that quickly exploded and caused quite a sensational sound in the ballroom and a raucous of laughter from all.  Needless to say, I was trying to hide from the faux pas but you can't really hide wearing a ten foot headdress.  About half an hour later I walked around and ran into the same man with a new balloon afloat.  I spoke to him from a distance and he explained that he came prepared for such a eventuality and had spare balloons!  Only at a Halloween Ball!

It is not everyday you got take a leak and next door is a Flamingo doing the same.

Happy Halloween!