Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from Tampa's 36th Annual All Hallows Ball

Welcome to my annual outing amongst the well dressed.  In these electoral times being bombarded by both parties for our vote here in Florida, I love getting away from all the insanity of advertising on TV to enjoy some cocktails and a lot of great costumes.  I just wish someone would propose presidential elections every six years with elections lasting one month - that person would get elected!  But  enough about that, enjoy some vicarious fun.  It was a great party on Saturday with thousands of participants filling one of the grand spaces of the Tampa Convention Center.  Yes, it was the same place where Romney got nominated. Not surprisingly, the crowd that was there I am sure will not vote for him.  The theme this year was "It's a Small World."  Ain't it so!

Italian pagliaci?

A wonderful tooth fairy

Small wordlites

Heidi und toy

Olaff the Magnificent

African beauties

Turandot and Mandarin


Captain America



 Little lights

Lots of flesh

Including a little Meatballs & Sausage


We had Deco Buildings

Aztec Rulers

Scottish lads

Great Psychedelic Screens

Avant Garde in Bubble Wrap

The entirety of Madame Butterfly

Even a witch with an apple

Maybe in these crazy times what we want is a fictional character like Superman to solve all our problems and fantasies.  Here's mine.  Happy Halloween!

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