Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hydrangeas, Hydrangeas, Hydrangeas

Cold places are often surprising sources of great plants.  In a visit to various nurseries in the Rochester area I found a great selection of conifers but little else of consequence.  My friend took me to one of the largest nurseries and it seemed it would have a great selection.  In fact there were a few choices of Lilacs.  This, is in the city that has one of the greatest Lilac gardens around.  I was disappointed by the overall selection that I saw in these nurseries.  The prices were also rather on the steep end of the curve.  I suspect that with a short growing season and  high fuel costs to keep plants available, it is not surprising to find high prices, which by the way, the locals did not seem to mind but at the same time they were shopping in the sale plant area.  I found great tropicals and at reasonable prices which made no sense.  When I thought that the trip to these nurseries was a waste I was taken to a not so fancy nursery on the southeast side of town which proved to be incredibly exciting.   At first I thought I was at a nursery I expected I knew but this was also not the case.  Wayside Garden Center is located in Macedon New York and Wayside Gardens, the name for the catalogue house is based in South Carolina.   I suspect this nursery existed before the catalogue house or something like that, as it has not been challenged by the catalogue house for name infringement.  Regardless, the nursery was quite a gem.  There were unusual plants of all manner.  The owner is a fellow that has a passion for Hydrangeas and boy does he provide the public with the greatest collection of these plants I have ever seen.

there are every type of hydrangea imaginable:  climbers, trees, shrubs

Many plants have been tested for the region and display all manner of growing conditions or preferences

As you can see there are a few to choose from and this is just a small sampling of the
hundreds of plants and varieties they stock. I could not even begin to write down 
the names.  What is great about hydrangeas is that they can go from really cold 
climes to warm weather ones for Florida.  There are just a few to fit any garden.
I like the simple flowers that open, it appears, one at a time. 

My friends both purchased plants for their respective gardens and stuffed them into
a small car with the three of us.  It was a cozy ride home. Happy Gardening!

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