Monday, November 1, 2010

Henri David Halloween Ball 2010

In spite of our current economic woes, people refuse to stop enjoying themselves and Halloween is probably the greatest excuse for all of us to escape some of the madness around us. We gathered last night at the Philadelphia Sheraton Grand Ballroom for Henri David's latest extravaganza. Every manner of costume home made or rented was there. Few wore nothing much. Although the extreme costumes of the past seemed fewer, no one could deny the spirit of the crowd for fun and having a great laugh. Even, Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania made his appearance as usual and schmoozed no doubt on some political subject or other. For the rest of us wine, women/men and song seemed to be the order of the night. We danced photographed each other and had a great time. Take a look at some of the evening's costumes and catch all the photographs on my Picasa album:

Henry as the "Great Pumpkin Jack in the Box"

Ghoul Wedding, one of the great costumed ensembles

Still this year's party was topical as usual. We have the infamous plug

A Chilean miner who spoke no English and could fit in the escape pod.

My friend Vori as the Plague of Modern Hotels: "The Bedbug"

Of course there were from elements of the Exotic to the Criminal

Medusae abounded this year. Here is Paul, Henri's significant other as a refined Medussa

Fun was everywhere

The Na'Vi wearing sneakers were there and enthralled with Dracula

This very elegantly neoprene uniformed couple was a hit.

Cave people anyone?

Then of course there is this character who was unique last night.

On a more southern and traditional note Rhett with his Scarlett

On a French note: Marie Antoinette and Louis made a visit
The day started for me at the Unitarian services were most of the congregation appeared in some manner of costume including our Minister who briefly appeared in Papal garb with an incenser! I then proceeded to go to a landscape project where I shopped for plants at a local nursery and installed them to create a small screen at the clients property. Afterwards I walked Limo around Collingswood to see the kids and get his exercise. So you can imagine that by one in the morning I was wiped out. The party continued until the wee hours of the morning. Last year, Daylight saving ended the night of Halloween so we relieved two in the morning over again. This year, Daylight saving is this coming Saturday. By the time I made it home Limo was ecstatic to see me even in my mild masked antennaed look for a final walk at that strange time of the morning.

Next year, even if I am in Tarpon Springs I will return to Philadelphia to be at Henri's next ball. Oh well, Happy Gardening!

Parting glances!

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