Sunday, October 10, 2010


Happy Fall, as a matter of fact Happy 10-10-2010. I have received various emails from friends being hopeful about the Feng Shui implications of a month with so many similar numbers and containing 5 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. They claim it happens once in 823 years. I don't know how many times anyone has tracked it before, but for as far as I am concerned, I will take all the luck and good fortune that can come my way.

The garden is closing down for the year and I am not ready. I have kept quiet for a while as I have negotiated the property in Tarpon Springs and all it has involved to get to this point. I am leaving to go down to Florida for final inspections and if all goes according to plans, to sign the ownership papers.

At the same time, fate or luck has a funny sense of humor. I am interviewing for a federal government job which of course will complicate matters as far as Florida is concerned, but I don't have a house or a job yet and we shall see what happens with either one. I don't know if I am becoming a Buddhist in attitude, but very little fazes me anymore. I am not sure what switch has gone off in me to have made such a change in attitude as I have been very A-type in the past. So be it, I suppose knowledge or attitude has to come to you in a lifetime and I am glad if it has finally arrived.

It is funny how there seems to be some balancing act in the Cosmos. I have felt abused by taxes in New Jersey and found this wonderful property in Florida with negligible taxes that seemed perfect. What nobody told me and I never considered was the property insurance angle in Florida. Well, guess what? That's is were they are screwing you in Florida! I guess with Katrina and all the other hurricanes that forced insurance companies to pay out in the greater gulf region, the insurance companies have taken retribution to refill their coffers by insuring properties at 5 to six times (totaling more than my NJ Taxes) their non Hurricane inclined states. I guess that only seems fair if you are an insurance company although I am not sure if you are the insured. The only salvation, if you can say that, is that you can't avoid paying your taxes or they will sell your house from under you, you can, however, not insure your house if you own it outright.

I was watching a movie the other day that showed people arriving at an airport elegantly dressed for their travel adventure. The airport lounge was beautiful. The staff greeted you politely and put away your carry-ons. Then, they offered you a menu from which to choose from various sumptuous sounding dishes. Eventually, the food arrived on china with silverware (this was coach) and everyone had fun. My first trip to Europe was on TWA and I received similar sounding service. I flew from LA to London for $395.00 round trip. Today that trip probably costs twice or three times that, they cram you into a seat you can barely fit, they charge for everything from reservations to carry-ons to some who want to charge for bathroom use. De-Regulation! Banks, Insurance, Airlines, be careful what politicians propose next. Both parties seem keen on proposing extremes to get people to vote for them...

On a different note, my boy Limo will be 5 months on Tuesday. He is a joy of excitement and curiosity. He is growing by leaps and bounds. He now weighs 37 pounds. I am not sure where he is headed as I never met his Father, but his Mother was on the petite side of things. He is totally house broken and has his routines down more than less. He is a font of energy that sometimes drives me crazy, but what can you expect with a five-month pup? He travels well and I am sure he looks forward to his return trip to Florida. Wish me luck. Happy Gardening!


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