Sunday, July 11, 2010

Heat Wave!

For over a month we have not had any rain. For the last week temperatures have been hovering above 100 degrees devastating gardens in the Northeast. When Marilyn Monroe sang the song Heat Wave in There’s no Business Like Show Business it was fun sizzle, not this! I have been out and seen trees fried and lesser plants shriveled beyond recognition. My own garden has had a few shrubs shrivel and lesser groundcover like the violets practically vanish. Yet it has managed with just one hose drink of water and yesterday the rains came and gave us a bit of respite. More rain is due soon which will help a great deal before greater damage is done.

On another topic, for the last month I have been witness to the fury and passion of the World Cup. About an hour ago, my team, Spain, won! All that I wish is that I could be celebrating in the Gran Via in Madrid. This "Great Way" is a central avenue in the heart of Madrid where thousands upon thousands joined to watch the match projected from large screens. The final scene televised of this great victory spectacle showed the crowds dancing in the streets like only the Spanish can.

This last month I was also in touch with Laura Moss the photographer who recorded my garden last year for this year’s New Jersey Monthly May article that featured the garden. I was able to horse trade with her garden design for my personal use to her images. Rather than show fried pictures of my plantings I will just show you the one (above) with the rains starting and let you enjoy Laura’s splendid appreciation of Spring and the plants in my garden. They are enchanting. Happy Gardening!


  1. Sorry to post this here...but I need to get rid of my 8’x8’ mosaic Marilyn Monroe mural made out of 1” mosaic tiles.

    I had this in my old showroom and I have moved and can no longer display the mural as nicely as I would have hoped to, therefore I am looking to sell it.

    email me at for a picture. The mural is attached to plywood and aluminum 2’x4’s. We were asking $8,000 for it however, we are ready to drop it down 75% just to get rid of it, and will take $2,000 for it.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Thank you


  2. I was going to remove Danny's comment, but given the world around us I think I will leave it. If he had any manners he might have said something about the garden rather than just use the site as a venue for his advertisement. As I said, the world is going crazy!

  3. Well, you never know who will show up in your garden - a surprise visit from Marilyn!
    The photos are stunning! Maybe soon it will look so well again. Thank you for the garden tour on Saturday. We enjoyed meeting you.