Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holiday Treats

I gifted one of my Amaryllis; now blooming in Vange's window.

As the middle of January continues to freeze our world here in New Jersey I will continue with another travel blog of my recent Christmas in the Asheville North Carolina region.

With two feet of snow on the ground it made a great excuse for a wonderful Christmas. After the roads had been cleared a bit we made a few escape journeys into town. Asheville was dolled up with all of the holiday cheer it could muster in spite of the snow’s paralyzing effects.

Art Deco Shopping "Grove Arcade"

Griffin guarding "Grove Arcade"

Art Deco Shopping "Grove Arcade and neighboring Battery Park Hotel"

The Grove Arcade, a long time symbol of the style of another era was a major destination to travelers who came to the region. The Arcade was built by Edwin Wiley Grove who built the nearby Grove Park Hotel. In the 1890's Wiley sold A Tasteless Chill Tonic that was meant to cure malaria. It sold more than Coca Cola and he made millions. The arcade was meant to to support a fourteen story tower but as you can see only the base was built. Today the Arcade houses a collection shops and offices in the central commercial area.

Grove Arcade phone booths now serving Christmas Displays

Gingerbread Competition

Gingerbread appears to hold a lot of favor in the region. Two major competitions happen in Asheville. The Grove Arcade and the Grove Park Hotel, both hold a competition worth checking out. Here are some to the winners from the one located at the Grove Arcade.

Some of the Winners: Chewy sticks!

Better than Lincoln Logs

Here's wishing you all sugar plum fairies and gingerbread dreams!

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