Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is New Jersey Flooding?

My yard after the storm with the back flooded for the first time in years

It appears that we are heading for a very wet season. This week we had snow on Saturday and Sunday and last night about 3 inches of rain fell in and around the region. So far we have 40 inches for the year and we have the balance of December, January and February to still come in for the count. It was also 68 degrees today and Monday it was so frozen that an inch of ice had accumulated in my rear steps. On a hurry as a usual, I failed to recognize this and took a flying leap and landed on my butt. It is fortunate that age has given me a little extra padding there.

One neighbor with flooded playground

I wonder if I should send this weather report to the folks meeting in Copenhagen on the World Climate Summit. I hear a lot that a third of Bangladesh may fall underwater as continual climate change raises oceans around the world. I wonder how much of New Jersey will fall into similar situation. Not that too many people will care if a bunch of us fall underwater inNew Jersey. It does appear that we have a wonderful appreciation of caring for some things and not for others.

My other neighbor with the garage island

It is hard anymore to get real statistics on anything. The web in all its grand appeal seems to list everything you ever wanted but can you count on much of it for statistical accuracy? I think not. Case in point: I just checked for the elevation of Collingswood above sea level. You would think this would be precise and accurate and consistent? Well, guess again. I have visited sites claiming 6 feet above sea level up to 23 feet above sea level and everything in between.

Well for those of you that spent $10.00 bucks and saw the latest disaster extravaganza film “2012” it would not really make any difference for we are all going under except for those living in Africa or using the salvation cruise ships provided by the film. Hope I did not spoil it for you, it was a lot of fun and I laughed all the way through for the fantastic entertainment it was. Those around me were dismayed by my reaction and I guess were waiting for the water to start flooding the cinema!

My newest neighbor where we are trying to mitigate the rain issues. He now has a nice planting bed and room for a lake. It used to be all lake.

I digress; my point in all of this is that we might consider not only those in other countries as the only ones that are going to be affected by the change in climate. Whether 6 or 23 feet above sea level we are all facing interesting choices. We better get a hold of a little reality and see how it affects each of us. One of my neighbors was upset about the rain and the fact that it flooded his yard and basement. His answer to the problem is that we who have tried to remedy the problem with plantings and water containment are the ones responsible for the rain that fell in his yard and caused his flooding. Go figure!

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