Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

How's this for a typical fall day. Not really, I have not caught many days colored like this. However, we are back to this regular rhythm and lack of light. I suspect I am going to have to buy one of those lights people in the old TV show Northern Exposure wore to get over the "gray blues" of winter. I actually take vitamin D3 which is supposed to compensate for lack of sunlight. This is the time when I become the most temperamental flower in my garden. I know it sounds pissy but what can I tell you. I need more sunlight!

I will also tell you that fate of Molly the Dalmatian is not completely decided, but I have given up hope on her. I wrote a few more stern emails and finally got a garbled voice mail and eventually an email explaining that even though I seemed the perfect companion and had experience with Dalmatians I was behind someone who had an application before me and should these people prove not worthy after their home inspection the process would start with me. I tell you it seems the wrong Ufg%&&*ing people are in charge all over! I hope that this pup indeed finds a loving home.

My friend Julia recommended an Aussie. She had two and recently lost one. They are marvelous dogs. They are loving and have beautiful coats of various colors or marbled hues that make them quite fluffy like Lassie but no tails. I have considered getting one but am so stuck on my old breed (Dalmatians) that I am not sure what I will do. Taxi shed constantly with severe shedding at season's change and as a consequence I said to myself never again! My stairs after a week looked like it snowed indoors. What I loved most about her besides her fabulous smiley face (a grimace she would make as though smiling when you talked with her and she had done something unexpected) and her personality was the shape of her extremely muscular body sculpted in short hairs. I need more time to figure this out. It is not as though I don't have enough things to think about. As Scarlet O'hara used to say I'll think about that another day.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. I am going to a friends house for the feast where a somewhat dysfunctional middle sized-family will be tempered by a group of probably crazier orphans to which I belong. My own family is far away and my friends serve, as they always have, as my family. Hearty eating.

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