Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Planetary Issues

longer shadows of approaching fall

As world leaders are meeting at the United Nations in New York City on world climate I wonder how we can manage a planet when we have so many different points of views on these issues? The idea that we have so many purposes in spite of our commonality struck me when thinking about the readers to this blog across the planet. We who read blogs have a certain level of affluence or access to computers to be able to see other points of views on subjects we share with one another. Yet, within the same countries we come from there are varying points of views and needs as to what gardening or survival might mean.

More and more we read or hear that water will be the next major world crisis that will consume our interest if it is not already affecting you directly. Price for water is expected to grow in cost everywhere. Where I live in the East Coast of the United States rain is plentiful. It is so much so, that flooding occurs more than drought. I jokingly always refer to our corner as a swamp. In spite of the abundant availability of water, I pay approximately $70.00 a month between water and sewer charges. This sum is not inconsequetial but I barely use any for gardening. I take for granted the fact that I have clean potable water coming out of the faucet. When I lived in California, rationing of water was beginning to take place because of the millions of people having to share a limited quantity of this resource. I have no idea how water is apportioned in other places in the planet. I suspect some places will be like me while in other places your water may not be metered or there may be limited access to it.

I have, in the past grown the odd tomato, eggplant and pepper plant. I tried growing apples. Now I only grow herbs. I found that food production opened the door to an array of bugs that I did not want fight. Whereas my garden was nearly bug free when in flower production, when I introduced food production there seemed to be an invitation to everything that could decimate both food and flower. I found that such food products were less expensive and tasteful when purchased in a store but sufficiently tasteful for me. I guess I am saying that I am not a farmer but recognize that many people use their gardens for food production. I have ultimate respect for farmers who produce our food and face great deal of challenges in doing so.

My garden measures approximately 150 by 50 feet (50 by 16.5 meters). The idea that I have a garden which is strictly decorative also strikes me as a luxury that comes from living in an industrialized rich nation. Although I am anything but rich in reality or by comparison to others in this country I am sure that when compared to many in the planet I would certainly appear as such.

I tell you all of this because I am rather interested in you. This blog has been viewed by people in every continent. I invite you to introduce yourselves and use this blog to exchange some commonality. In the times we are living, we have never been closer to one another through all of the advances of our technology. Let us find ways and share some stories.

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  1. What a great column. Very thought provoking.